The next EU-AU Summit in Oct 2020 will gather African and European Heads of State to define and endorse the EU priorities in Africa for the years to come. Along this Summit the EU – Africa Business Forum will discuss the impact and challenges of the European investors in Africa. Dialogues, consultations and feedback from African and European business will help refine the way forward.

A sound understanding of the business perspective is critical for both EU & African governments to successfully identify and define the strategies that help overcome barriers to trade & investment. Businesses are best placed to inform decision-makers as they have first-hand experience of dealing with the key challenges.

To frame these discussions, we are putting together the replies given by European investors in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda during the 2019-20 mappings. Yet, if more European investors in Ghana would like to raise their voice and state their barriers and requests for EU action, they can click the link below to fill in the online survey by 4 September 2020:

European investment in Ghana

Your replies are confidential as per the EU data protection law but will be included in an aggregated form in the EU-Africa Business Forum discussions. They will also help to match the EU investors’ needs per country with the EU External Investment Plan (EIP) funding and tools. As you may know, the EIP plans to foster public and private investment into neighboring and African countries. The overall budget is €47 billion, with the European Commission managing €4.6 billion.

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