The former EU Ambassador to Ghana, Ambassador Claude Martens, took the first step to create a European Business Organization in Ghana with the goal to create a European Business “voice” in Ghana after the signing of the EPA between ECOWAS and EU.

The worldwide EBO network was created in 2001 between representatives of EU business associations (in non-EU countries) and the European Union. EBO is the sole network EU recognized Business Organization representing EU-wide business interests in non-EU Countries.

The European Union Mission in Ghana’s initiative was adapted by the Local national Chambers of Commerce, Dutch Ghanecc, German AHK, French CCFG and the Danish Business Forum.

After receiving the endorsement of all National European Embassies and the Mission of the European Union in Ghana EBO-Ghana in December 2014, EBO-Ghana started operating in January 2015.




The current Board of Directors of EBO-Ghana are:


Celestino Alvarez-Neira President
Maximilian Butek Vice President
Nicolas J. Gebara Secretary
Peter van der Wurff Treasurer
Andrea Ghia Member

EBO-Ghana is a pro-active partner in the development of an open and profitable business atmosphere between Ghana and Europe, who tries to create and sustain a positive image of Europe, European Businesses and Europeans in Ghana.

EBO-Ghana will is active in the following fields;

Access to local market knowledge and assistance of European stakeholders in Ghana.

Deliver input and monitoring of Free Trade Agreements.

Advocate and lobby to resolve trade barriers for European companies operating in Ghana and Ghanaian companies in Europe.

Assist Ghanaian business to enjoy the advantages of entering the EU markets, when Free Trade Agreements are implemented.


EBO-Ghana's POSITION PAPERS on local content.